Anybody still into home theatre?

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Re: Anybody still into home theatre?

Postby ARIKIP » Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:42 pm

Yup still into Home Theatre. Have it setup in the lounge with a separate "Mans Room" where i keep all my Hifi gear. Definitely the way to go if you separating the 2. At one stage my combines HT/Stereo consisted of 2 channel power amp,3 channel power amp,Dolby Digital preamp,DTS decoder....sounded great but in the end i got a top of the line receiver and i was still happy as. 3D is inevitable as you will probably be able to buy a small 3D TV in Countdown for a few hundy. I have watched 3D on a friends 51" and i thought it was great....but you lose the 3D when you always hit the border of the TV as you would do with most. Now 3D projectors would be something else.
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Re: Anybody still into home theatre?

Postby ummagumma » Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:08 am

Just replaced my 10 year old Denon AVR with an Yamaha HTR-6063. Since buying an Oppo BDP-93 I've been waiting to get the full Blu-Ray "effect". So far, and straight out of the box, it's a vast improvement and getting better every day. I love buying new toys. :D
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Re: Anybody still into home theatre?

Postby Kiwimoto » Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:51 pm

Hell yeah! I just luv buying HT gear :D

System 1:
Marantz SR5006
Sony BDP380
Kef Q series L/C/R
Kef Kube 1 sub
Jamo surrounds (4)

System 2:
Marantz SR7005
Marantz MM7025 (powering L/R)
Marantz BD7004
B and W PM1's
B and W M1 (6)
B and W PV1 subs (2)
B and W HTM62

System 3:
(All for sale BTW..)
Lexicon MC12HD
Lexicon ZX-7 (300W Ch)
Pioneer BDP LX91
B and W 802D **SOLD**
B and W HTM1D
B and W SCMS (4)
Wilson Watch Dog Mk1 pwered sub
AV rig:
B&W 802D's
Wilson Audio WATCH dog Series1
Lexicon MC12HD/ZX 7
Pioneer BDP LX91
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Re: Anybody still into home theatre?

Postby SeanG » Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:13 am

I personally think HT is great. I like the idea of a system that can play high quality digital sound but also be a audiophile deliverer.

The Cambridge Azur 551R 7.1 HDMI AV Receiver claims to deliver this.

I think the Americans are still pretty mad on it.

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